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Filter Carbon | Zeolite | Filtra-Sub | Lava

The filter materials determine the quality of the filtration process and the clearness of the pond water. The right combination of filter materials is essential. VT offers four different filter materials with filter net, sufficient for 3000 litres of pond water. Fill the enclosed filter net with the material and rinse it several times with water before placing it in the filter.

Filter lava
The coarse structure of the chemically purified pieces of filter lava makes them particularly suitable as biological filter substrate in all kinds of pond filters. In the many pores of the porous material, many billions of micro-organisms will develop, whereby an ideal filtering of the pond water takes place.

Pond filter carbon
This active filter carbon is very suitable to remove the finest particles out of the pond water. Renew the filter carbon once per season to remain clear and healthy pond water.

Filter Zeolite
Zeolite is a natural stone that has the properties to bind nitrates and phosphates. Zeolite is an important filter medium to keep the pond water healthy and algae free. Renew the Zeolite once per season to keep the pond water in optimal condition.

To filter the large debris out of the pond water, the Filtra-Sub material is specially suited. The large pores are not easily clogged and therefore, the filtered water passes through easily. Through the structure of the material, it is also an ideal attaching substrate for micro-organisms.

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