bottom substrate for a natural balance in the pond


Micro-organisms are forming the key to clear water and a natural balance in garden ponds. Thousands of millions of these micro-organisms take care that organic components in a pond will be broken down and that the water plants will be provided with nutrients and carbon dioxide (CO2). To achieve a water biotope that will be healthy and natural in the end it is therefore necessary to take measures by which both the growth and the activity of these important organisms will be guaranteed. However, these micro-organisms do not freely grow in the water, but they need a subsoil, to which they can adhere.

The development and growth of these micro-organisms on a pond bottom is so spectacular with Superalite, that already after two months the condition in the pond can be defined as a stable natural balance.

Superalite is used as soil covering for garden ponds. The material is very porous and has an enormous internal surface. These properties guarantee optimum growth of nitrifying bacteria and different micro-organisms. As Superalite will not make pond water turbid, it can be spread smoothly in ponds which have been sunk already.

Instructions for use
For a good biological activity it is important that the substrate will be equally distributed over the bottom.
Inoculate the substrate with freeze-dried bacterial culture.

10 litres of Superalite is sufficient for 500 litres of pond water.
20 litres of Superalite is sufficient for 1000 litres of pond water.
35 litres of Superalite is sufficient for 1750 litres of pond water.

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