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Pond Soil and Plants

Micro-organisms are the key to clear water and a natural balance in the pond. They don't grow freely in the water, they need a surface…

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Once a pond has been sunk, we also want to plant fish as quickly as possible. The supply of various kinds of fish is enormous,…

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Even if a pond has been duly laid out, there may arise problems, which upset the natural balance. Unwanted growth of algae can arise then,…

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Clear water is important for the condition of the water plants, fish and micro organisms. Even if the pond is set well, you could get…

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To obtain a good biological environment, in which fish and plants thrive excellently, it is necessary for many garden ponds to apply aeration in the…

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A clear pond with healthy fish and beautiful plants actually is the aspiration of every pond lover. It will be obvious that it requires regular…

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